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Elvis has always wanted to work in hospitality industry, but he has also been aware that success does not come without hard work. That wisdom had been passed on to him by his dad Cvetko and mum Cvetka, who were working on a family-owned farm and renting an inn in Vrhovlje. Elvis acquired his formal education at a secondary school for catering in Izola and continued it with a technical high school for catering in Ljubljana. His knowledge was quickly tested in practice when he rented an inn in Medana in 1990, where they initially served meat and fish dishes. In 2007, he and his wife Katja decided to open a restaurant in Plešivo that would exclusively offer seafood. “I decided to open a fish restaurant because of mad cow disease and my love for fish,” says Elvis. The one who always welcomes you to the restaurant with a smile is his wife Katja, who originates from a family with a long winemaking tradition herself and who likes to make sure the guests feel like home.

We are not worried for the continuation of tradition here at the Bužinel family, as all three Katja and Elvis’ sons are excited about catering business and winemaking. The oldest son Rok is a talented footballer who is currently attending a high school for economics in Nova Gorica and wants to dedicate himself mostly to wine, as he likes to attend wine fairs and introduce our products to the rest of the world. Jure, a twin brother of Jaka, is also enthusiastic about working in the wine cellar and the vineyards and is currently attending a biotechical school in Šempeter pri Novi Gorici. Jaka is also pursuing his education in catering business and hospitality industry as he is currently attending a school for economic professions in Austria.

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